N.R.B is an abbreviation for what is known as a "No Reason Boner".A No Reason Boner is when a male randomly "gets hard" for no apparent reason.Also see boner.
Man I have a wicked N.R.B right now.
by rundmc February 25, 2006
NRB. (no rae bang) karaoke in korean.
kim: "heyy wanna go to nrb later?"
park: "ok! lets sing super junior and dbsk ;D"
by madcowmoo July 20, 2009
NRB stands for No Reason Boner. Obviously, it's a boner you get for no apparent reason. It can happen at any moment in time.
I was walking to the front of the classroom when ... SHIT! I got an NRB
by Some fag with no balls June 25, 2009
n. pronounced (nerb)
Acronym (No, Reason, Boner)
when you are sporting a wood and there aint a reason to be aroused.

(George) "Hey guys, dont look now, but I like so totaly got a Nrb right now"

(Guys) "dude, thats sick, we are in the locker room"
by Tookie November 02, 2005
no reason boner. when you get an erection for no logical reason.
a: why do you have your hands in your pockets when you could be playing catch with us?
b: nrb, man...nrb.
by phlipnrip November 29, 2009
1.no reason boner
2.unexplainable boner
dude i got an n.r.b. in science.
by joe mackdonald April 02, 2006
No reason Boner
dude I was just sittin around and i got a nrb
by willdo 69 March 25, 2010

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