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"Non-Profit Whore" or "Not for Profit Whore" An acronym for individuals whose sexuality is/seems uninhibited. Safe for use in public areas due to its relative obscurity, it is often used as a judgemental statement for women who dress/act in a degraded way for sexual attention/favours.

This is in high contrast to a VFL
*in a lowered voice* "that girl's a little to friendly on those guys at her table--I bet she's quite the NPW."
by CZShan October 10, 2005
33 19
antonym for National Period Week. When every woman you communicate with acts like that they have their period. i.e. acting bitchy, on your case for everything, and so on. Beware the NPW...
Everyday when I walk down the hallways, all the girls blame everything on me, like its freakin NPW or something..
by Kixxis200 October 18, 2010
12 8
1.no- problem- whatsoever
2.non- profit whore
1. "yea my cars all fixed man npw"
2. jill- "yea that girl sleeps wid just about every guy..and she aint pullin ticks"
jane- "yeah shes a npw"
by Destructive Damsel October 08, 2007
17 18
No Pants Wednesday!
I think I'll stay home and take an NPW today.
by omninate February 15, 2012
7 10