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"Virgin For Life" An apt acronym for those who have chosen abstinence (at least until marriage) and 'purity' over the morally flexible sexual trends of their peers. Most often their views and judgements have been instilled by some means of conservative/religious propaganda.

This is the polar contrast to the NPW
"Dude, check out that blonde sitting over in the corner, she's cute!"
"Don't even think about it Sam, she's definitely a member of the VFL club, trust me."
by CZShan October 10, 2005
"Non-Profit Whore" or "Not for Profit Whore" An acronym for individuals whose sexuality is/seems uninhibited. Safe for use in public areas due to its relative obscurity, it is often used as a judgemental statement for women who dress/act in a degraded way for sexual attention/favours.

This is in high contrast to a VFL
*in a lowered voice* "that girl's a little to friendly on those guys at her table--I bet she's quite the NPW."
by CZShan October 10, 2005

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