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this can mean anything you want it can be used as an insult or as a silly name to call someone

nonk or nonkette
shut it you nonk
by Sam November 26, 2003
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the opposite of having a donk; a non existant donk.
"daaaaaayuuumn she gotta donk"
"dude, what the hell are you lookin at, that's a friggen nonk."
by man i wish i had a donk April 25, 2010
Is a word you use when somebody is trying to tell ya something important and you could simply care less. It's the same as saying "so?" or "tell some one who cares"
James: "Man I just got a raise at work...I'll be making twice as much now"
Shane: "nonk"
by rizzap July 31, 2009

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