When you say 'ok' but you really mean fuck off
John "Can i please borrow some money?"

Joel "No-k".
by Boosty Collins May 26, 2009
A word used to appease someone who will only take yes for an answer yet still not take on something unpleasant.
Boss: "Uh,yeah, I'm going to have to ask you to stay late today and wait for a delivery"
by Simone L.Jackson August 10, 2006
Strange, Russian, color-blind thing; has very little grasp of English language; pronounces "allegory" as "uh-LEG-ory" and compares babies to being "...like monkies;" is fond of the term chia waaa
If Russia were full of people like Noks, well, it's no wonder they can't overpower the fricking Ukraine.
by sedaris March 31, 2005
a gay russian devoid of any intelligence - uses a mating call of chia waaa
(rap) Noks: my name is noks, noks, noks
by waaa February 04, 2005
Thats cool.
your shoes are the Noks
by Cosmic May 05, 2003
Noks, was attempted to be insulted by j bitt and chia, but they suck dick and are nerds. noks is the man and he will kill u and fuck ur mom and ur older sister and will get Joe P. the Indian Pedifial to rape ur little sister.
Noks is the shit, he kiked my ass and fuked my mom.
by n February 05, 2005

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