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Same as no. Has many other uses and is more flexible. Can be used to shut someone up mid sentence
Example of No:
"Can I have some ?" "NO DEAL!"
Example of Flexibility:
"I love you" "NO DEAL!"
by Davzies Boys April 17, 2003
Another term for "no", or "go fuck yourself". When someone says something to you, usually presenting an offer or an ultimatum, you can disagree by saying "no deal"
Hey man I just found out that you've been flirting with my girlfriend and now I'm very angry. What am I going to do about this you may ask? Well, I'm gonna come to your house, kick your teeth in, and shut your mouth for you. deal
by Le Derpson January 01, 2012
When someone does something that completely shuts down another
Man, that guy said NoDeal when he hit him in the face
by charlie December 02, 2003
No way; I do not accept the charges
No deals on the curry, it smelled like ass.
by Matt Gibu May 14, 2003
Way! You're paying for it.
No deals brah, you sat on the're gonna pay the charges.
by megnao flimpis July 04, 2003
no way cant be done not chance
nodeal u cant jump from that roof to the other
by tony July 09, 2003
A polite way to decline pickles on your Big Mac.
Gimme a number 1 combo meal, supersized, diet Coke, no deals.
by harry flashman July 04, 2003
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