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Acronym for No Name Killers, an semi international (US and Canada) online forum for the occasionally serious, but primarily satirical/cynical discussion of world affairs, arts, technological innovation and entertainment.

Evolved out of online gaming, hence the hint of violence in the fully spelled out name, which is rarely used.
I found an interesting thread on setting up psp remote play with the ps3 at the NNK forums.
by hareofthedog February 11, 2008
nnk is a buzzer sound for WRONG
Answer: London is the capital city of France.
Result: nnk.
by Dan Durrans April 27, 2005
The Negro Nation Klan, similar to the Ku Klux Clan, but supports black and brown supremacy. See Angry Army Men
The NNK just raped that white dude.
by co-founder of NNK April 09, 2003

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