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Short for "Not Mind Safe" (and not for "Not My Style", what kind of lame "street" phrase is that anyway). Indicates content that so disturbing it should be forever left unseen. Used as an extreme warning for images whose full horror is not covered by NWS (Not Work Safe).
Wow, I puked all over my keyboard after seeing mrhands.avi (warning: NMS). That was one well-hung horse.
by anexcellentnickname April 09, 2010
1. not my style

2. not my scene
1. I like that shirt, but it's pink so its nms.

2. I went to a ballgame with my friends only because they wanted to go, it's nms normally, so it felt weird.
by amonomus September 18, 2011
abreviation for No More Said
"oi shaniqua r u cumin 2 buk man yh?"
"nah i aint got time 4 u!"
"ite SNM innit.."
"ite kl NMS."
by xxAngel_Voicexx November 25, 2008
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