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an abbreviation for Say No more
Girl 1: Yur Such A Cow I hate You
Girl 2: Iigh SNM
by Kareesha May 16, 2008
a sexual fettish. also known as being kinky in bed. the phrase "pain for pleasure" comes to mind. it is the act which brings pain into being pleasurable. sometimes whan something painful is distributed it's closely followed with something pleasurable
the use of whips, chains, handcuffs etc
"aw she's well into her s'n'm"
by magsyoga! June 08, 2006
Say no more
Nia- the answers three
Julia- Are you blind its 16
Teacher- The answer is 16
Julia- Exactly dont speak S.N.M"
by blahblah21 July 26, 2010
Say No More..
Sex N Money
Show No Mercy
Smoke N Mirrors
"I see SNM everywhere, what's it mean?"
"Check urban dictionary nigga"
by killingunicorns November 25, 2014
Perverted messaging
(s nm s?), otherwise known as s n mmses range from the deplorable to the absurd to the decadently deceitful.
by Hercolena Oliver May 27, 2010
A common abbreviation for the phrase 'S & M', widely used when texting (as the ampersand symbol takes longer to type).
we ended up in this snm club last night. that was some kinky shit
by kinkykicker March 22, 2011
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