Top Definition
Acronym for "no longer friends".
Used for people, inanimate objects, etc.
NLF with my computer.
You stole my wallet? NLF.
by Katie April 29, 2004
Group- Naughty Little Firm.
As in - “Them NLF Boys are running things nowadays!“
by 5onk July 28, 2010
A secret society, currenty in the planning stages, that seeks to take the power out of the hands of the intellectual proletariat and put it back into the hands of the intelligent people, to enslave/destroy all those who are known as "jocks" and to create a utopian world without war, poverty, and hunger (in that order). NLF stands for Nerd Liberation Front
The NLF will rise up and save the world from itself
Nasty Little Fuck.
That kid is such a NLF
by jaic3y October 18, 2010

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