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Acronym for North Huntingdon Township, Pennsylvania. Often used by children who are fake gangsta and hang out at Denny's restaurant.
"I be from the NHT, I be one level above Irwin trash."
by Dr. Rob Jones March 11, 2008
No Homo Tings
used on social websites when a person of the same gender says something nice about a picture or video.
*Visits Jessicas Profile*
Victoria: sexy picture Jessica...NHT
by Michael Friday May 23, 2008
A abbreviation for "New Hot Taint"

A term used to define the act of searching and/or hunting for New Hot Taint; Because the taint you have already is old and and sucks at life.
Hey Brotato chip! after GTL we gotta hit the clubs and score some NHT, cause these girls are nothing but tricks and gimmicks.
by thatoneguy5000 March 25, 2010
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