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Irwin is tha realist thug in tha world and a loaded cunt.
bro did you see irwin cap a few cunts.
by Elvin April 14, 2005
A person (pimp) who hangs out with girls like Natalie, Nicole, Jess, Amanda
Hey boi, whats your name?


So I see you hang out DA GIRLS!!!!!!!!
by Doctor Chan June 08, 2011
A Town in P.A. about 25 minutes from pittsburgh. A town filled with crazy crack heads and whores. Also can be used to describe how many stds you contracted.

Also can be used to describe the amount of worthless pieces of white trash who rob each other back and forth daily.
V. Fuck them, im irwining them tomorrow who's with me?

adj. I contraced an Irwin of disease off holly last night.

V. Im gunna irwin crackhead mike some one give me a tylenol.
by Skullfuckerbitches February 12, 2010
A stinging insult.
Lady Nancy Astor to Winston Chruchill: "Winston, if you were my husband, I'd poison your tea."

Churchill: "Nancy, if I were your husband, I'd drink it."

Eavesdropper: "ohhhh shit, did you hear c-hill just fuckin' irwin dat bitch??"
by skforty September 07, 2006
Codename used by forum trolls. "I R Win" meaning I am simply the best radiohead fan ever.
by Bot_40 July 07, 2003
town in southwestern pennsylvania
o the ghettos of irwin
by me March 24, 2005
How Mrs Henkel mispronounces Irvin's name.
Irwin, u guys, come get your test, ok.
by Everett November 18, 2004
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