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No Hard Feelings

Said as a result of a defeat, etc: no offence taken, no animosity.
- We slaughtered you on the court today. I almost feel sorry for you.
- NHF, we'll return the favour next time
by Zoran Radek March 14, 2007
Not Here For
NHF these shady bitches right now.
by spekterx March 07, 2013
'No Hard Feelings'
Is used in situations that may seem harsh but you are just trying to be imformative
Idiot: Da sun is square and freeeezing
The Informative One: No it isnt! It's a parallelogram and is mild in flavour. nhf


Gamer 1: Aw u jus' pwned me...
Gamer 2: nhf
by Plybeth November 04, 2010

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