5150 mentally ill mental bipolar manic depressive

NOT GUILTY BY REASON OF INSANITY. A get out of jail free card.
Prosecuting Attorney: "Mrs. Vickers, is it, or is it not true that you tried to contact your cousin Andres, whom is a known Mexican Mafia leader now serving three life sentences in the SHU at Pelican Bay State Prison to kill your husband?"

Mrs. Vickers: (with her head in her hands weeping) "Yes, but you don't understand, I am a certified bonafied 5150 since childbirth."

Jury: "Your honor, we find the defendant NGRI, not guilty by reason of insanity."

Judge: "Is that your final verdict?"

Jury: "Yes your honor."

Judge: "Mrs. Vickers, you are found NOT GUILTY of murder in the second degree. You are free to go. Court adjourned.
by The Anrkissed May 10, 2008
Top Definition
Not guilty by reasons of insanity.
"im not crazy, im insane." zodiac killer
by brianna July 31, 2004
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