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Not Gonna Lie

Used to indicate that you are not deviating from the truth.
Chuck Norris would destroy Jack Bauer, this is false.
NGL, Jack Bauer would destroy Chuck Norris.
by teollo May 05, 2009
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NGL - Not gonna lie
Indicated you are going to tell the truth
NGL, Jack Bauer could kick the shit out of Chuck Norris. Jack Bauer has died twice and came back. Killing Jack Bauer doesn't make him dead, it just makes him angry.
by XD(m) May 08, 2009
not gonna lie. A pre-sentence or post-sentence addition that assures the recipient that you are indeed not lying.
Ngl, dude your breath is harsh.

The back of your head is ridiculous, ngl.
by thejson August 28, 2010
Not Gonna Lie.

Term used like "im not even kidding" and "no joke"
Jen's ex-boyfriend is such a fag. Ngl.

Bob: At the next school dance we should start a mosh pit
Joe: That would be amazing, ngl.
by iEmoUchiha April 04, 2009
Never Gettin Laid Syndrome

A term referring to certain men who prefer "hangin with the bros", and are for the most part to up tight to get laid by a girl.
"Wow SSG Hinton has a huge stick up his ass he must have NGLS."
by Oddeye666 August 07, 2009
No Gay Love

Used to express non homosexuality in a particular action, speech, or thought.
Guy 1: Dude, check out this guy's dick! It's so big!

Guy 2: wtf??!

Guy 1: ngl, man

Guy 2: Oh okay.
by iEatPowder October 08, 2010
Stands for "Not gonna lie". Invented by a sexy chick named Kaelani. Alternative for the basic phrase "tbh"
Ngl she had a big ass donk for a white girl!!
by carltho123 October 08, 2014

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