Never Getting Laid
guy spazzes out/acts like he's dying.
girl: Keep on doing that, and you're NGL.
by tangywangy February 27, 2011
not gunna lie
i would definitely get on that girl, ngl.
by NKW August 14, 2010
Nigga Got Lucky.
by Bunnysoup August 07, 2011
aNGeL=other way to say angel ,without vowel
NGL dear, NGL love, NGL true
by unlock January 02, 2011
Nice Good Look
*on facebook* Hey get a NGL at me ;D
by thatkidwhodrives July 29, 2011
nigga got locks
Stacy: I think Lateshia is the coolest person I've ever met. NGL!

Hannah: NGL. real talk!

Lateshia: Wait, what does NGL stand for?

Stacy: You have lovely hair darling.

Hannah: On the real babe.
by THA R3ZI$TA June 26, 2010
A street crew originated by P-Star and the BeHam, members of NGL are complete losers and creeps who are also ugly-asses. Thus, they're Never Gettin' Laid.
Shit man, Ron spies on chicks with those military binoculars of his, and he's always got that booger hanging out of his nose. He's gotta be an NGL member.
by Discordance April 09, 2005

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