Stands for "Not gonna lie". Invented by a sexy chick named Kaelani. Alternative for the basic phrase "tbh"
Ngl she had a big ass donk for a white girl!!
by carltho123 October 08, 2014
not gunna lie
i would definitely get on that girl, ngl.
by NKW August 14, 2010
Never Getting Laid
guy spazzes out/acts like he's dying.
girl: Keep on doing that, and you're NGL.
by tangywangy February 27, 2011
Nigga Got Lucky.
by Bunnysoup August 07, 2011
aNGeL=other way to say angel ,without vowel
NGL dear, NGL love, NGL true
by unlock January 02, 2011
Nice Good Look
*on facebook* Hey get a NGL at me ;D
by thatkidwhodrives July 29, 2011
nigga got locks
Stacy: I think Lateshia is the coolest person I've ever met. NGL!

Hannah: NGL. real talk!

Lateshia: Wait, what does NGL stand for?

Stacy: You have lovely hair darling.

Hannah: On the real babe.
by THA R3ZI$TA June 26, 2010

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