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Comment: ngas
by lolheilol22 August 14, 2011
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a poker krew, in which there are members from 01-09
this is of course with no girls allowed.
hey i heard NGA is coming over tonite
by mc991 September 28, 2006
Nga is a very popular vietnamese name. But it sounds like complete nonsense to someone who does not have a vietnamese accent. Many girls named Nga are quite beautiful but be weary, ask how she pronounces it or she might become offended and curse you in vietnamese.
Nga is a very nice girl. Nga is a complete twat. Nga is very aggressive.
by mouse March 17, 2005
abbr.; Nobody Gives A Shit
Tim: I am the best! Look at my trophies.
Andy: ngas ass hat
by The Wizard With The Truth August 03, 2009
NGA stands for National Gay Association
"Bro,ur part of the NGA"
"He's nga"
by Kalamari November 14, 2014
Acronym for "not getting any." A period of celibacy, generally not by choice.
He has been NGA for 6 months.
by Buffista October 28, 2003
The gang of mlms. they mosh pit every where and beat everyone up. they trough juices and start food fights. i wanted to be in it but they had to jump me so i said no
by yo momma February 25, 2005
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