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A 4 Hour Commercial, with some occasional Football inbetween.
Hey! I just saw a new Taco Bell Burrito being advertised during the NFL, right before their brief break to some lame Football stuff.
by G-Union 2 August 02, 2004
Also, the National Forensics League. Not to be confused with the one that people give a damn about.
The NFL of debate and forensics sucks compared to the one that you see every Sunday.
by Nick C December 30, 2003
Not Fucking Likely

This will not happen
Are you going to watch the superbowl?

NFL. Don't be silly.
by Henrico Popadopolus January 11, 2004

League where a bunch of guys plan for days just to run plays that lasts 5 seconds and they are getting paid millions of dollars just to do it then they bitch about how they aren't making enough money when they are getting paid $10 million a year. If you want to see real football watch a soccer game where the players are much better athletes that can keep running for 90 straight minutes and not stop after 5 seconds just to do the same thing all over again.
Guy 1: Did you se the interview with Ty Law after the NFL game last night?
Guy 2: Yeah but all he did was complain about how he wants more money so he can pay for another mansion and private jet
by Alan Baker July 11, 2006
Where fat gay men in spandex get paid to slap each other on the buttocks in what is mostly refered to as fake football
Let's join the nfl so we can score some indabutt after the gay-me
by Gumba Gumba April 10, 2004
a sport that faggots watch cause they think running around kicking a turd from some faggot's fatass is a sport and makes them tough, watch nascar thats a real sport. they arent afraid to die. they want that 4,250,000,000 when they win the championship. football dosent get nothing but a dime when they win there gay ass crappy easy championship.

shut up you wannabe badass before i say something meaner!
madden:well its 2006 now, and it looks like football is barely famous now that nascar is the #1 sport in america. looks like there are only five people in the grandstands tonight!!! i think ill go get drunk and then buy me a some tough actin tanactin on the way. remember tough actin tanactin is our only sponser cuz dem nascar freekkzzz hogged um all! you're on the football channel where we show football 24/7 cause we got kicked off the Fox station.
by elliott sadler 38 April 24, 2005

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