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No Fucking Joke
Chester French are NFJ..

Have you heard the newest Chester French song? yes, it's NFJ!!
by chillionaire September 20, 2009
Not For Jews - An adjective, used to describe an event, activity or task deemed to be too physically demanding, dangerous, noisy, long or painful for your average, run-of-the-mill, non-sporty Jew.

Note: this is not an anti-semetic abbreviation, and is used mainly by Jews themselves.
Gillian: My boss is heading to Mongolia tomorrow to do a 12-day hike. He's going to be carrying a tent with him and enough supplies for the whole trip!

Marty: Oy, that's seriously NFJ.
by Grohl_ March 20, 2011
Abbreviation for "Nigga Fuck Jew Suck"
can be used anywhere.
what the NFJS?
thats one big NFJS!
holy NFJS!
suck my NFJS!
by bignig September 13, 2003
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