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"New Found Friend"

When you go away on holiday or college trip, and one of your friends spends his time ignoring you to speak to other people and trying to be popular.
"Towle's NFF'ing it again"
by Barnaby Burman December 07, 2004
NFF is a nice way of saying Not Fucking Funny
You and Bozo are NFF

She's pregnant, it's NFF
by epmb September 03, 2006
No Fault Found

Technical support term meaning all is well, the end user is to blame.

See also PEBKAC
NFF, EU hasnt got a scooby-doo.
by hoolio February 08, 2005
Not Family Friendly" -- email subject warning code for "Don't look at this in front of the kids -- and use judgement about your significant other
Subject: web comic link -- 2 funny, NFF
by gonxo August 06, 2010
Nff stands for (Not Funny Fucker)
If some one is making a lame joke. You tell him NFF (not funny fucker)
by Aos-PyroMaster November 20, 2007
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