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4 definitions by hoolio

A distant relative of simba, the one eye cat owned by the Andrade family.
......there isn't one
by Hoolio August 02, 2003
A human with a unusual sized penis attached to their forehead. Only a small percentage of the worlds population is subject to this unfortune.
Oh my god Ethal, you're a wang head too!
by Hoolio July 31, 2003
No Fault Found

Technical support term meaning all is well, the end user is to blame.

See also PEBKAC
NFF, EU hasnt got a scooby-doo.
by hoolio February 08, 2005
A U.S. version of a mexican pimp. Rarely seen around his house.
Any hawaiin who has any similarities to that of a mexican bumb but has the same attire of a modern day street pimp.
by Hoolio July 31, 2003