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No Fucking Doubt
Someone says to you "Hey you look really hot tonight"

Your reply is "NFD" No Fucking Doubt
by Soheil Shirzadi November 08, 2008
Not Fucking Down.

1. Characterized by a lack of motivation or desire to partake in the task or event at hand.

2. When given a choice of two things two do, the NFD person inevitably chooses the weaker of the two.

-"Dude it's Thursday night, let's get fucked up and do chicks! ...wait...where's Jack?"

-"Oh, he's NFD."
by Doyle, OK? June 15, 2008
NO Fucking Dip

used in IM conversations to express something being blatantly obvious.
person 1: dude that chick in your class, shes hot at hell
person 2: N.F.D moron
by GTCR April 29, 2008
No fucking drama
We're here to party this weekend people so its NFD from here forward.
by Swampybaby October 31, 2015
abbrevation of 'no fucking duh'.
A: Tom on Myspace isn't real, omg!
B: nfd
by thain May 22, 2005
Norfolk Following Disorder- to follow around people despite them not wanting you there.

To follow a group around without contributing anything
ite fella, wassup?

fuck you george...NFD or what
by Spudmcmuffin September 09, 2008
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