Not Facebook Appropriate , something that should never be posted or written about on Facebook.
Aaron: o yuck N.F.A. man!
Steve: what?
Aaron:Bob's last status
Steve: what was it?
Aaron:"Crap not again i don't want 2 kids"
by abwoitas August 09, 2010
Top Definition
Acronym for "No Fucking Around."
Dwayne: "Enough of this dilly-dallying. Let's get to the bar. NFA."
by Time4SumAksion November 26, 2004
No Further Action; term used when not pursuing a situation in depth
"Should I ban this forum member?"
"I don't think his post is insulting, so NFA"
by Sayang December 14, 2009
No feelings attach
Girl1: I herd you fucked Damian!
Girl2: Yeah we were up all night
Girl1: so are you two a thing ?
Girl2: nah we just fucked. It was a nfa thing
by Bunny14 December 13, 2014
Stand for Nigga Force Alpha. Originated from a play-through of Resident Evil 5 and later established as a Halo Gaming Clan
NFA Clanmate: Hey niggas, wanna join our clan?
Random douche: Fuck yeah!!
by booshmasta27 June 05, 2012
Not for air. A term used when details of a given event cannot be described on the air whether due to FCC regulations or otherwise. Made notable by the Kidd Chris radio program.
1. So what happened with that waitress last night?
2. Oh. Dude. NFA!
by LivvieLivvie August 27, 2007
A Love Gesture. A Statement Of Forever Love. NFA Meaning Now, Forever, Always.
I Love You NFA, Baby
by BlindInLove February 05, 2015

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