N.F.A Meaning no future ambition, is tha term used to someone who seems to have a dream oor future.
From morning till night this guy just likes playing games,i think he is an N.F.A
by Tobi Tobs April 27, 2007
acronym for - no fuabs allowed, (fat ugly ass bitches).
i was regulating the party and i had to make sure it was nfa

i hear the new club is nfa
by extreme dan October 16, 2007
The abbreviation for the band Nothing Fades Away from Poughkeepsie, NY...Led by Anthony Coffey, they make top notch sexy music
I'm gonna listen to some Nothing Fades Away (NFA) later.
by Szarka May 12, 2009
A Love Gesture. A Statement Of Forever Love. NFA Meaning Now, Forever, Always.
I Love You NFA, Baby
by BlindInLove February 05, 2015

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