Pooping on a cat
i newted all over mr bonkers.
by Danny boy14 June 11, 2009
A term used maliciously by stuck-up, arrogant, ingnorant jerks from the South and West Sides of Springfield, Illinois to describe their stereotyped veiw of residents of the Northend. Generally, the term is not true. The term stems from the fact that the people on the South and West Sides are GENERALY stuck-up, conceded rich bastards and trust-fund babies (or about as close as they can get in Springfield)and they wish to be-little those that don't have as much money as they do. The reasoning (in my opinion) for this name-calling is because the so-called NEWTS don't seem to care that the Southenders and West Siders are more affluent and well-off financially.
The term NEWT is usually meant to be offensive but many North Enders ussually laugh off or ignore the term, some acctully embrace the term.
There is also a term for West Enders: WEB, or West End Bitch/Bastard
by northendwhitetrash January 23, 2007
Something that witches turn humans into, however the humans will eventually get better.
What makes you think she is a witch?
Well, She turned me into a newt!
A newt?
I got better.
by the real master of puppets July 19, 2009
a word that originates in Springfield Illinois describing the people who reside on the north side of town, went to Lanphier high school, and are uneducated, dimwitted, nascar watching dirtbags. North End White Trash
joe dirt/ dale earnhart/kid rock
by jfman January 04, 2005
Small animal that has the power to run at a super-sonic speed.
Damn that newt is fast.
by Jack May 08, 2003
Exams taken by Hogwarts students in their seventh year
I got five NEWTs
by Ashley88888888888888888888 January 29, 2009
NOT a lizard. Not even a reptile. In fact, it is a mostly aquatic amphibian closely related to salamanders and axolotls. Newts are predatory and like to eat aquatic worms, that can be ordered from Carolina Biological Supply (for you biologists out there.) A newt hatches from the egg with gills, but metamorphoses within the first few months of its life. Once a newt has metamorphosed, it may come out on land, but often will spend most of its time in the water. This depends on the species.
Alpine newts, gold-dust newts, firebelly newts, marbled newts, red-spotted newts, crested newts
by Ukulelelike July 05, 2012
A person with a very large top heavy head (cranium). In most cases the top half of the head is much larger then the bottom half. 80% of people with a Newt head, have little or no brain tissue. When they speak, they often hear an echo similar to yelling in a valley but they seem to enjoy it so they never shut up. Although not contagious, some people claim to hear the voices of newt heads. Former President Ronald Reagan mentions in his diary that he heard the ringing of a newt head once but perhaps he might have heard other instances of it but he couldn't remember. Although scientists claim that most cases of newt heads have come from the Springfield Illinois area. This could have stemmed from tainted breast milk. (see newt milk)
"look at the size of that newt on him"

Patient: "Doctor what is it?"

Doctor: "Well I have seen some cases of a newt head but never in the genital area" (see newt dick)
by Camshot January 20, 2012

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