Not enough sex syndrome. Terrible condition that occurs in people who do not have enough sexual intercourse. This condition causes the genitals to shrivel up and gather dust.
Nick: Why have my balls shrunk to the size of prunes.
Cody: You have N.E.S. because you have never had sex.
by Infamoustoaster November 15, 2009
NES: Never Ending Sex
Used at only the most prestigious of orgies
I had me some NES last night!!! It was SOOOOO GOOOOD
by OrgasmoHarmsie April 18, 2011
A videogame console released by Nintendo in 1985. Held the title of least reliable console ever until the release of the Xbox 360 by Sony in 2005.
Person #1: I love the NES, but boy is it unreliable.
Person #2: At least it's not the Xbox 360.
by 398YY January 11, 2010
(Nervous emotion syndrome) The act of being nervous around a girl who you truly love and begin having fear of what to say and ect.

Check the Symtoms of: NES Case1
NES Case2
NES Case3
I didn't know I was diagnosed with NES
by Alex Chandler April 23, 2007
Short for "Nashville Electric System," a company which provides electricity to the capitol of Tennessee.
"Oops, I forgot to pay my NES bill!"
<Power failure>
by Dr. Baconman April 20, 2006
A combination between Yes and No.
Can be used as an automated response to something that does not make any sense. Can also mean confusion.
Dave: Lets call Privaledge cars and go home!
Tom: Nes, for a start it's called Prestige.

Teacher: Tony what's the answer to question 2 part A?
Tony: Nes
by Wasnim February 19, 2005

Used by "Emo Gangsters" in an attemp to make people feel bad for them.
madmannes-she's such a whore putting me through this nes.
xthexwhitexgirlx-yah.your stupid for letting her.
by Klashinzanzibar May 13, 2006

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