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A 1996 hood film/comedy film. Probably one of the funniest movies ever.
Hell Yeah! I saw Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood. It was some real funny shit.
by Endgame1320 August 01, 2010
Acronym for "Just For the Fuck"
Usually said when you tell your friends you'd do a girl and they disagree. Most likely cuz she's not very attractive, but ur a horny mothafucka and you'd her anyways.
Friends: "Dude, she's sort of ugly dont you think?"
You: "I dont care, I'd do her jftf"
by Endgame1320 September 24, 2011
1. When you want to get the last word in a conversation, you say "LICKASS!!," and proceed to run (or logoff IM), so you cannot hear them talk again (or so they cant type anything back).

2. The phrase Loc Dogg says, when he becomes a comedian, at the end of Don't Be Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice In the Hood.
" I jus wanna say, Fuck Y'all, Suck my dick, and uhh...LICKASS!!!" ----Loc Dog
by Endgame1320 August 01, 2010
Doing something essentially, sensually.
(while having sex)
Katie: So you know how to do this right?
Sam: Yea, so essensually I just stick it in right?
by Endgame1320 November 11, 2011
This is any vagina of a girl (usually a slut) who wears lots of make-up, or does something else to attract attention, because she is usually unattractive. It also includes girls who follow Ke$haism.
I bet they all got a glit clit
by Endgame1320 August 09, 2010
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