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a cock loving midget that prances around in the land of oz. Also known to guzzle cum extracts from: elephants, goats, horses, cows and human males. It's attention is caught easily by wavering a penile organ in front of him or releasing gas from your anus. it's habbits are found to be guilty of homosexual likeness and is perceived to be unholy by all religions.
p3n1x: someone invite playerx in here!
- joins -> PlayerX
soob: No don't he's a total fag.
PlayerX: yes i'm neoxed and i'm proud of it, UNF!
b00b: you midget cock gobber, come here and smack ur tiny wee-wee on my face.
p3n1x: gay orgy :( why am i not invited?
by dns February 06, 2004
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