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An amazing theater group that will take over your life where friends are made forever. Includes lots of crazy, caffeinated teens touching each other. It is the place to be if you love singing, dancing, acting, don't like sleeping and have no personal bubble!

Notable people include Tom Norris and the Beater Boys
{person 1} Why did you touch my ass in the middle of the hallway?
{person 2} I must be spending to must time at NCCT.
{person 1} Oh, that explains it.

by Your GG March 08, 2009
A beautiful wonderful place of sweet kind people that accept everyone into the NCCT family & tend to touch each other awkwardly and hold each other close. It is life, and results in love and ever lasting friendship. Its effects last til the next year.
Why do you keep touching me like that?

Sorry NCCT just ended.

My life is happier now that I have joined the NCCT family.
by NCCTluvr March 19, 2009

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