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1. cu-ngj - An Australia colloquial term used for either defamation or as a warm greeting to an old friend.

Akin to the word 'cunt' cung is an adjective for a weeping or seeping - loose vagina.

2. Cungy - either used to address a number of cungs, also predominantly used as a term of endearment.
Mate 1: "How ya going cungy's?"
Mate 2: "Yeah fuckin good cung yourself?"

"Get fucked you fucking cung cunt"
by AussieCunt November 29, 2007
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The act of sex. (Derived from the words for cum, cunt, and tongue)

Usually in reference to orgies, group sex, and drug parties.
"I cunged those bitches last night!"
"Do you want to go cung with those prostitutes?"
"Let's get together and cung on Saturday!"
by NU Costume Crew October 24, 2007
the chunky cottage cheese discharge which comes out of ur pee hole unexpectidly when you are expirencing stage 3 gaunaria.
"SHIT! i knew i should have worn a condom. i got cung all over the head of my trouser snake!"
by CUNG BITCHIN September 15, 2008
very similar to "mung" although this requires intercourse with the corpse prior to extraction to add to the mix.
"Hurry up and cum in that bitch so i can eat her innards! god i love some good cung!"
by Jack of all jews July 15, 2008

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