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No Beers Required. Good looking girls that don't need any consumption of alcohol to make them look better. The converse of a Five-Pinter.
That girl is HOT! A definite NBR!
by brooskitooski May 20, 2008
49 7
To receive sexual stimulation by way of handjob
"The may-issue crap is basically no CCW unless you know the sheriff and are NBR'ing him.
by Trlsmn July 24, 2009
30 12
An acronym for “No...but really”

Used to inform someone how serious you are about a previously made statement.
Sam Russell: Everyone loves me
Silly person: No that’s not true
Sam Russell: NBR!
by SamuerRusserr December 06, 2010
11 3
Nipple to Boob Ratio
Damnnn...that bitch has some nice NBR
by Mikikkiky June 24, 2012
6 0
Not Business Related
I am an employee, and I send an email to my colleagues about sport, so I mark it "NBR" to show it's a non business related email.
by otaview December 06, 2010
6 4
Nipple to Boob Ratio
Ben: That girls NBR is nasty. Too much nipple not enough boob.. If the nipple's too small it feels like you're playing with a guys nipple and it's just not right either.

A healthy NBR is considered approximately 1 part nipple for every 6 parts boob.
by NippletoBenRatio July 21, 2013
0 1
its an acronym meaning: Naked Bitches Rule
Say it whenever you feel like it.

Pers1: N.B.R. WOO!
Pers2: Dude, i know.
by downtown262 December 06, 2007
0 1