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No Beers Required. Good looking girls that don't need any consumption of alcohol to make them look better. The converse of a Five-Pinter.
That girl is HOT! A definite NBR!
by brooskitooski May 20, 2008
SCOFI is an acronym for Senior Citizen On Fixed Income. These elderly people will take advantage of ALL Senior Citizen discounts and coupons when available.
Grandma and Grandpa ALWAYS take advantage of their AARP discount coupons and senior citizen discounts because they have to take care of their own retirement because their own children don't want to have them in their own houses! They are the epitome of being a SCOFI!
by brooskitooski November 21, 2009
toilet paper that is so thin that one has to make multiple folds of it before wiping. Usually found in schools, fast food joints, and government offices.
Roger: Man, I hate using the bathroom at school.

Dave: How's that?
Roger: Man, they use that no-ply toilet paper. You got to wad it up at least 4 times to protect your hands!
by brooskitooski September 10, 2010
the act of flushing the toilet simultaneously while defecating in order to not let people hear embarassing noises coming out of your ass
(Roger and Dave using the urinal)

Dave: Hey, Man! Someone in the stall behind us just flushed the toilet twice and never came out!
Roger: That guy's a simulflusher! Hope he did not have a rectum ripper!
by brooskitooski November 06, 2010
when you are ready to shit in a public bathroom, yet somebody comes in, and you hold it so that they won't hear embarassing noises coming from you (in essence, you are "sitting still"), and THEN you shit once they leave.
Roger: Hey, Dave! You don't look so good.
Dave: Man, someboy came in when I REALLY had to crap, and I had to have a shitstill until they left. It REALLY hurt to have to hold it for so long!
by brooskitooski January 05, 2011
Acronym for Staight to Anal. Said of certain female porn stars of marginal looks and/or with very small breasts.
Roger: Hey, Dave! Do you remember Jeannie from high school? I just found out she became a porn star.
Dave: Really? Well, she certainly must be one of those StA girls, for she doesn't have big titties, and she really isn't all that great looking.
Roger: StA? What does that mean?
Dave: Straight to Anal. The only way she'll get noticed is if she takes it in the ass!
by brooskitooski September 20, 2015

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