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An acronym that stands for: Never Before Midnight

This means that nothing important ever happens before midnight.

So you can do whatever you want, drink, eat, party, etc. But all the stuff you will really enjoy and remember will happen only after midnight.
Dan and his crew totals subscribe to the theory of NBM. They get together at night, hang out, drink and eat. But rage hard some time after midnight!
by gtbarry August 07, 2009
National Basketball Minimation
J.Luis: huh?
Javier: NBM
Javier: I mean, NVM
J.Luis: uhmm okay. I was like wtf when u said NBM
Javier: lol, sure...NMB....National...Basketball.... Minimation?
J.Luis: o.0 wtf?
by joseluismb March 29, 2005
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