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short internet slang term for Nobody cares. NBC
person 1 status: has just got out of the shower and is now on the phone to my girl watching Eastenders. got my new BB today, im so hyped!!! XD

person 2 comment: NBC...
by iKrayzee November 11, 2010
a grat challel for comedies like my name is earl,the office,scrubs,30 rock,snl(until tina fey left),and conan'o brian
yay,comedy night done right on nbc is on tonight!
by futuramafan February 04, 2008
No-body cares
Clayton: I just got a new 8-track player!
Everyone: Nbc.
by The Perrmaster June 22, 2011
niggas that are crazy be actin up talking crazy to you like they own you...
them nbc's at the club was actin to dumb smh....
by valencia truu January 16, 2011
*National Broadcasting Company
*Never Been Caught
*Nothing But Crap
*Nothing But Caucasions
*Nuclear Biochemical
*Nigga Be Cool
SOMEONE : "I'm gonna watch NBC."
SOMEONE ELSE : "Which one?"
SOMEONE : "Never Been Caught."
SOMEONE ELSE : "That's not a show."
SOMEONE : "Yes it is."
SOMEONE ELSE : "You're stupid."
SOMEONE : "Shut up before I go NBC on your ass."
SOMEONE ELSE : "Riiiiight."
by Dave April 01, 2004
nothin' but couch
whereby you spend the whole day or night just lying around watching tv
Hey man, how was your night last night?
NBC, baby, nothin' but couch
by That guy Scott February 27, 2008
NATURAL BORN COCKSUCKER, goes along well with the term DSL (DICK SUCKING LIPS) a nice sly way to confuse a chick into sucking your dick. Or just funny to say it when they have no idea what your talking about. You could also call some SS then their name. meaning SEMEN SLURPER.
That girl is a NBC with some nice DSL, we call her SS Maria.
by Robotcow October 31, 2007