Never Been Caught

No-Body Cares

Nothing But Crap

Nothing But Cleavage

Nico Bellic's Cool
Don't watch NBC, play GTA IV.
by Dewit May 19, 2009
Back in the day, NBC was the king of network television. with hit shows like Seinfeld,Cheers,Frasier,Friends,Will & Grace,Wings,Family ties,The Cosby show,The A-Team,Magnum P.I.,Scrubs, and even My Name Is Earl. I know, some of these show aired in different periods of time. Point is, NBC had a lot of good shows.
Now,ever since they gave Conan O' Brien the Tonight Show at 12:05(not really the "tonight" show"),causing Conan to leave NBC, the network is now mediocre. At one point, it barely lead The CW for 4th place among network television.
This network is a shell of what it used to be. The only shows worth watching on it right now are The Office, Parks and Recreation,30 Rock,and Sunday Night Football. Most of these air on Thursday, so they still have an edge on Thursday night on primetime . They still have Leno and Fallon anchoring late night, so there is a little hope there.
NBC was the most watched network in America. Now, people only watch it on Thursday and Sunday.
by nbcsucks October 08, 2011
A unisex term for a virgin.
Stands for "Never Been Cocked" or "Never Been Cunted".
Generally used around annoying little girls that use terms such as NBK.
Karen "Can you believe Angela is NBK?"
Chad "Whats NBK?"
Karen "Never been kissed!"
Chad "I suppose she is NBC as well"
Karen "?"
Chad "I'm gonna go do something about that"
by Chad and Karen June 16, 2010
The National Broadcasting Company and a subsidiary of General Electric. Its declining ratings have led to job cuts at the corporate level and the cancelling of many of its programs.
NBC sucks. I can't stand it.
by krock1dk September 23, 2007
"Nothing But Chicks", a place with mostly women and few, if any, men.
Jill - "We were hoping to see some hot guys at the bar, but it was NBC, so we left."

by Jillpacovich July 17, 2008
Natural born chiller. 1/2 of Shartinez
"How come nothing is stocked in ER 3?"
"Because NBC was working there."
by Genus June 22, 2013
NBC or the National Broadcasting Company

Due to its recent practices of making great TV shows like Heroes, My Own Worst Enemy, and Trauma, and than canceling them after the current seasons wrapped up.

Has led to them becoming a term used to describe someone when they are being an Ass Hole.

NBC is also believed by the general public to be the Worlds Biggest Ass Hole

Tom is being a NBC right now.

My dad is such an NBC he won't let me go see Captain America tonight.

Dave is NBC
by P@tty October 02, 2011

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