this word stems from an event occuring in the HBO series six feet under. In the show it stems from the words numb arm, but in slang use today it is used as an adj. meaning morbidly cool/extreme.
dude, that's so narm!!
by xtkbx August 22, 2005
what you say when you cant remember where you did the subject. comes from Vietnam
timma: Dude did you screw that blonde at that party last nite
Gumby: yep sure did
timma: where abouts
Gumby: ummmm, ummm (cant remember) Back in narm
by Gumby131 May 16, 2006
Something you say when you finish with a woman and it was so damn good that if you died afterwards, you'd die a happy guy.

The complete opposite of what you would say after you bang a fat chick.

Nate: "My arm is numb. Numb arm. Narm. Narm..."
Potential Groom: I swear man, if she says yes, then it's narm sex from here on out.

The Hulk smoothie is freakin narm. I think I tasted a pinch of heroine in my last one.
by chazo21 July 30, 2005
1. A combination of your nose and your arm
2. An attack used by hitting someone with your combination nose/arm
Josh: Help!! I've been NARMED!
Abbie: Hey, check out my NARM!
by Idina926 May 26, 2009

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