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Acronym for New Age Free Thinker. Hippies and hipsters will tend to put this in their display name to show how punkrawk and/or straight edge they are. Often used as an adjective (1) sometimes as a noun (2) and sometimes just as people want to use it (3). 'NAFT'ing often encourages liberal topics such as gay marriage, anti-monogamism, free drug use, anti drug use, and other conflicting viewpoints that nobody gives a shit about anyways.

One can only hope that this won't become a I even need to point out that these NAFT supporters are invariably female?
1. That is so NAFT!
2. I'm a NAFT
3. (Unintelligible bullshit...) NAFT!
by Nobodycares April 02, 2006
Acronym for: Not A Fucking Thing
What did Joe actually do at work? NAFT.
by Farce Pest July 15, 2004
1. A universal word used by retards.

2. A word that can mean absolutly anything

3. A word that replaces all adjectives, adverds, conjunctions, determiners, interjections, nouns, objects, prepositions, pronouns, subjects, and verbs
Naft that! I'm not going to naft that fucking naft.

She's so naft. I would take her naft and naft it all nafting night

You've just been nafted!

Naft! what did I tell you about nafting on the floor.
by Dante Pappert-Stockton August 07, 2007
A mixture of "nifty", "rad", and "swift"
That new CD you bought is so NAFT man!
by Roxanne The Moose August 16, 2003
It's... me.
"Hey Naft, how about those lousy skidnappers?"
by Naft "The Big Kahuna of Doom" November 04, 2003

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