good band, that is also know as the neptunes who do different remixes of songs using real instruments,not radom sounds and beats
N*E*R*D is an awesome band
by the real "pistol pete" February 25, 2005
Top Definition
Arg it stands for No-one Ever Really Dies and is made up of Pharell Williams, Chad Hugo, and some other dude that is black... i dunno. But they are NOT The Neptunes, that is just Pharell and Chad.
N*E*R*D* does not = The Neptunes.
They are a producing duo.
by ghfg August 17, 2005
N*E*R*D* stands for No-one Ever Really Dies. Pharrell and Chad of producing duo The Neptunes and their friend Shae Haley are the members
N*E*R*D* are not The Neptunes
by Notorious*~*BITCH April 17, 2006
R&B type group with a great producer (pharell). N.E.R.D stands for No-one, Ever, Really, Dies.
N.E.R.D is a great group!
by Miss. Tay July 11, 2005
NERD stands for Noone Ever Really Dies.
Listen to Rockstar by the Nerds and Pharell will tell you.
by Yaboyace July 20, 2005
N.E.R.D. stands for
"Nobody Ever Really Dies"

is a band Featuring the beats of The Neptunes.
Yo, Did you hear the new song by N.E.R.D, that sh*t is hot.
by XqUiSiT3 July 06, 2005
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