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4 definitions by XqUiSiT3

1. "Up the level", "Make it better" or "Step up your game".

2. to "Get Ready"
1. (in a club) DJ: "Lets up the ante in this bitch" **DJ turns up the volume**

"I'm about to up the ante"

2. "Yo, nigga, ante up! we bout' to merk that fool."
by XqUiSiT3 November 30, 2005
To Say Your Great. Fiends Can't Get Enough Of You.

If Your Dope, I Am CRACK
by XqUiSiT3 October 22, 2007
Street Slang used by many to replace the word Police.

Originated in 2005 in Bronx, New York
The name was given after the Colors on Police car Sirens.
"Hide the weed, It's The Red & Blue Dudes!"
by XqUiSiT3 October 27, 2005
N.E.R.D. stands for
"Nobody Ever Really Dies"

is a band Featuring the beats of The Neptunes.
Yo, Did you hear the new song by N.E.R.D, that sh*t is hot.
by XqUiSiT3 July 06, 2005