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NERD stands for Noone Ever Really Dies.
Listen to Rockstar by the Nerds and Pharell will tell you.
by Yaboyace July 20, 2005
One word meaning the ugliest.
This is dugliest fuckin baby I have ever seen
by Yaboyace July 21, 2005
Lacking the characteristic to be great cool or even average.
That muthafuccer Smithers is Suspect.
A Honda is Hella Suspect.
by Yaboyace July 20, 2005
Someone who is extremely fast.
That boy Mike Vick got wheels fa sho main.
by Yaboyace July 25, 2005
Chevrolet Monte Carlo
Whether you are in a cutty, a MC, or a Regal, you gangsta pimp.
by Yaboyace July 21, 2005
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