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Where pedophiles go when they die.
Johnny: where do pedophiles go when they die?
Steve: :( Myspacebook...Johnny.
by browngirlsdonttakebs May 10, 2009
A term used to combine "myspace" and "facebook", enabling the speaker to refer to both social networking sites at once.
Jerry: Hey man, can I use your laptop?
Bill: What for?
Jerry: I need to check my myspacebook for a minute.
by jgrizzXcore November 20, 2007
Term that encompasses all networking sites (Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, etc). Often used as citing source for less than credible hearsay.
Sally: Hey I heard that Derek Jeter gave Jessica Alba herpes!

Pam: What?? Where did you hear that?

Sally: A friend of mine posted a bulletin on Myspacebook.
by slozos February 17, 2009