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People that have nothing better to do than write, talk and lie about themselves. The online epitome of selfishness. The domain of self-absorbed simpletons and expression of what is wrong with American youth - me me me look at me.
I have a myspace page look at it I'm a myspace loser!
by p!atd moron September 04, 2006
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The kind of person who sends myspace friends invites to everyone they have made eye contact with in the past 5 years so they can ultimatly have a higher friends number. They can also be found adding slutty girls to their friends list, then making non-oringnal, sometimes perverted comments like " ohh baby i like that" or " dam gurl das nice" Their picture can be emo or ghetto gangsta. The best part of the day is when they recieve friends invites, while looking at who would like to be their friend they will never see who sent the invite or even look to see if they know them. All they know is that one more friend makes them so much cooler and/or pimper. In the end they will never talk to 3% of their friends but pretend to themself they are cooler then that other myspace kid because they have 265 friends.
I have 256 friends.
im so cool
by myspace is for noobs August 02, 2005
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one who spends there whole free-time on myspace, instead of going out into the real world to make friends. takes it personal when someone has a person on there top friends, but that person doesnt have them on there top friends. sends everyone on the browse menu a friend request. sends you bulletins 20 times a day, most of it being the samething, so people will read it. has fake pictures of themselves on there page, that or they have pictures of there friends, pictures of them when they looked ecent, pictures of there pets, etc. send you a message every 2-3 hours wondering why you havent responded to there first one, even if you havent read it.
monica: so hey jill do you wanna go out to the club tonight?
jill: no thats okay, im gonna stay on myspace all night, update my profile, try to make some friends
monica: um okay, well have fun myspace loser
jill: its that im shy, ya know? i just feel more comfortable going on myspace to meet up
by joshua001 March 08, 2007
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A person whose social life exists only on Myspace. They will log onto the site many times a day looking to give or receive "Friend Invites," or to leave or read comments by their "friends."
"We where dating, but I guess she couldn't fit me between her frequent visits to Myspace. Her own brother told me she was a Myspace Loser."
by ThomasM April 11, 2008
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