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When you're a hardcore pimp/player
omg, did you know that i am such a pimper?
#pimp #player #hardcore #cool #gang
by Dance January 01, 2007
this word came out of a mans mouth with out thinking pimper is more pimp than pimp it means cooler than cool if u cach my drift
my gun is so much pimper than urs
DUDE!! im pimper than u bitch
by MiKE MARSHALL January 06, 2005
A Pimper is a manipulator
You don't have to be a pimp inorder to be a pimper.
"The key is to control the mind".
If you have the ability to talk someone into doing something, they don't necessarily want to do
, but they do it anyway just to please you, then you are a pimper.
#pimp #pimping #pimped #pimpish #pimpilicious
by trust me January 14, 2014
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