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To laugh during an inappropriate time, place or event.
"We saw a guy in a restaurant fall because his artificial leg came off. A lot of people, including us, had uncontrollable church giggles. We felt so bad afterwards"

by ThomasM April 11, 2008
A person whose social life exists only on Myspace. They will log onto the site many times a day looking to give or receive "Friend Invites," or to leave or read comments by their "friends."
"We where dating, but I guess she couldn't fit me between her frequent visits to Myspace. Her own brother told me she was a Myspace Loser."
by ThomasM April 11, 2008
A comment you leave on a blog that has no commments to make the writer feel like what they write has some value.
I gave my cousin a mercy comment on her blog since nobody reads it.
by ThomasM May 22, 2008
A derogatory term for any woman that enjoys sex as much as a man does.
"She's such a slut; she woke me up with a blow job!'
by ThomasM December 17, 2008

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