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The guy who made the horror of Myspace.
Hey, I'm Tom, and I ruined millions of lives. THX.
by Doey Ram May 22, 2005
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A big computer nerd, who grew up with no friends. He created a network of people, in which he is automatically added as everyone's friend. This makes Tom think that he has actual friends (he doesn't) and he can now sleep and masturbate without crying.
Person 1: "Hey, I just joined MySpace and this Tom guy is apparently my friend. I don't know him and he doesn't look like the type of person that I would normally befriend."
Person 2: "Myspace Tom is a computer nerd and made it so the MySpace network automatically makes him your friend. I suggest that you immediately delete that pathetic loser from your friends."
#my #space #tom #loser #nerd #computer #no friends #pathetic
by William Stephens May 15, 2006
The guy who created an entire website for teens to keep in touch instead of using e-mail or cell phones. (We all know actual real life contact ceased some time ago.)
I am Myspace Tom. I created yet another way for people to avoid each other!
#myspace #cell phone #myspace whore #whore #music
by Nick2222323234324324324324 July 26, 2006
The one and only TOM, creator of myspace, what else is there to say?
Myspace Tom: Myspace; A Place for Friends!

No Tom, we're NOT friends.
#mypsace #whores #web cam #pictures #uhh
by shaun white is a hotiee May 15, 2006
Myspace Tom

The antichrist of the internet

A big jerk who will delete your account for no reason.
I am the Myspace Tom I am your ruler for you are using my drug called Myspace HAHAHAHA
#jerk #nerd #no life #no friends #antichrist
by DizzyLizzy June 08, 2006

The In-famous nerd that created myspace...he has wayy too much time on his hands....
Myspace--A Place for friends

Well I got news for u myspace TOm....I aint YOUR friend not now,not ever!!!

#tom #myspace #tom on myspace #tommy boy #myspace user
by Skylar Renee August 16, 2006
A lonely man who created myspace in an attempt to make everyone his friend.
Myspace Tom: "Please be my friend!"
#myspace #social networking #facebook #computer nerd #loser
by dfsfdsdfsdfku March 21, 2009
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