Any photo taken by photographing oneself in the bathroom mirrior.
I took my myspace photo in the bathroom.
by Pete December 27, 2004
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a picture taken usually by ones self with exessive amounts of greasy dyed black hair covering a large portion of expressionless face.
'go comment on my new pics plllllllllleeaaaase'

(even though you have 6 other pic that look exactly the same)
by Noma March 07, 2005
A photo taken at a close and improbable angle that looks nothing like the person yet exactly like every photo the person has taken with it.
"This is Me"
"You're so hottt"
*they meet in person*
"...Who are you?"
by Cathy March 25, 2005
A photo taken by ones self at a generally impossible angle. This photo usually includes large amounts of dyed black hair covering a large portion of the persons face and black eyeliner. This photo is also frequently taken in the mirror.
"Comment on my new hawt pics plz!"
by Lust77 April 30, 2005
Photo taken by myspace whore at weird angles, generally above head. These photos are usually taken by the thousands, thus making the said myspace visitor, addicted to him/herself.
"That myspace photo you just took does not look like you. It looks so myspace! You look just like sonny moore"
by claudette March 04, 2006
When someone goes upto a friend and randomly strikes a pose with them facing into no particular direction as if they're having their photo taken and it being put onto someones myspace.
*goes up to mate*
*strikes a pose with the fingers gangsta thingo*
by coinroller June 28, 2007
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