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Myah is usually the name of a girl who is gorgeous and kind.

but she also has a tough side to her, meaning if you piss her off, you'd better run. she has brown hair, brown eyes, and is a bit taller for her age. she is the best friend anyone could ever have, you can always count on her to be there, always.
shes basically amazing. any guy would be extremely lucky to have her around.
i know! Myah is such a great friend!
by ashleyosbourne July 23, 2010
174 87
A word used by gangsters in the 30's.
myah, see, lissen' here copper, you'll sleep with the fishes tonight, see!
by Shannon May 06, 2005
199 90
someone who is very random,ask alot of questions but is never annoying.and knows how to have fun! lives life to the fullest. Myah is always a leader never the follower.
myah is the girl you see who is always laughing ang smiling .she keeps the room warm.
by Rawr/; January 20, 2009
138 97
the all purpose lazy word
can be used to express emotion, feeling, or if ur just to lazy to actually speak english
it was first used by cartman
"do you want to go to the movies?"
by shreve October 20, 2004
91 77
MYAH a universal word used to express yourself when words just dont cut it
"i hate this test its just so,so, MYAH!

will you take out the trash for me?

what did you think of dinner?
ehh myah

what does myah mean? myah

(or in a visual) here you have two types of beer myah and myah which one is better
by tardis248 June 21, 2012
17 17
word said in any different way and tones but acts as a language, but only to those who understand it,........mckean crew and kids...........
Myah!........(hello) Myeh....(past tence)
by Dan stizzle September 18, 2003
26 37
Can be used for most anything. Used as a noun referring to self. Also commonly used as an equivalent to ok or mediocre. It can also be used to show how unexcited about a certain activity you are. Commonly used by sophomores at W.T Woodson High school. Originated from Eric Cartman on South Park.
1. "How do you think you did on the chemistry test?" "Ehh I think I did myahh."
2. "Dude how excited are you about writing that 10 page short story for english?" "Myah, I dont think ill do it, I think ill have Rae do it for me."
by Rzrback013 February 13, 2007
44 57