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Also commonly used 'Uncle Mutumbo'. A man seen as a common simple person. Known for how difficult it is to make them erect, in other words, they are usually flaccid. Striving forever to be able to hide among the crowds and accomplish their dreams. However, the Mutumbo's weakness is their relationship with women. Becoming very shy and uncomfortable around women of only a certain beauty.
As the Mutumbo (or Uncle Mutumbo) walks through the crowd, he becomes aware of women around him. Instantly his skin turns red and he attempts to withdraw into a more secluded, safer location.
by Its a trap! February 25, 2010
Pronoun - The young African dancing child who is the prophet of our one and only god, the mighty Bill Cosby.
Will: Hey man i prayed with Mutumbo last night to Bill Cosby

Matt: Oh crap, i forgot *smited by Bill Cosby*
by Mutumbo October 10, 2014

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