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When I hear people say they do not respect anyone, my guess is that they are saying that there is no one they admire in all aspects of life. Very few people hold up the high standard for respect, especially in these days when the private lives of public figures are put under such close scrutiny of the media.

In essence of respect is accepting a person for what they are and what they present themselves to be. Respect exists in a range from mild acceptance to total admiration. On the acceptance end of the spectrum, we decide that the values of the behavior of someone are within the wide range of what we find to be tolerable. We may not fully understand the person or their motivations, but people found a way to accommodate reason. This minimizes conflict.
Consequently, our respecting someone comes down to a judgment we make, and like any judgment, it’s a choice. In order to make a prudent choice, we weigh the observed evidence and do our best to screen out our own prejudice in the light of consequences that will follow from the choice. That being said i.e. that is to say, ask yourself what would your relationship will be like if you determine you respect this person compared to what your relationship would be like if you decided not to respect him?

In essence I am me, you are you, I respect me as well as respect you. We can just have Mutual Respect. That’s the main topic I feel people need to take a step, breath and think about what brings respect to counter prejudice over different peoples way of living. Mutual freedom of expression leads to better management, consulting, congregational and philosophers alike using communication within people shapes many more forces that seemed beyond the power of an individual. Until these people find the will to respect one another.
by Wlfdg8*myS0oul4propsncops January 11, 2010
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