When an older woman tries to dress young to be "cool". Usually involves jeans with rhinestones, Ed Hardy shirts, multi-highlighted hair, and some serious heels to finish off the look. Usually very embarrassing to her kids who are in either middle or high school. Still lives in the 80's with her music. Will still wait in line to see Bon Jovi.
"Man, Karly's mom thinks she is still hot. With her halter top and tight jeans, she definitely qualifies as 'mutton dressed as lamb'."
by ICT-TARA January 07, 2011
Top Definition
Middle aged women dressing/acting/pretending like they're much younger than they actually are.

Often abbreviated to "mutton".
"So how was last night?"
"Terrible, the place full of mutton."
"Mutton dressed as lamb."
by Dave November 06, 2004
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